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POPPKiDZ primary objective is to SAVE LIVES. The POPPKiDZ Learn to Swim curriculum offers each student crucial lifesaving skills, knowledge, and confidence to evaluate and survive a water emergency while developing into a strong independent swimmer. Supporting programs like swim team, technique clinics, fitness, and camp programs are designed to develop gross and fine motor skills, improve endurance and cardio function, build critical thinking pathways, encourage kindness and compassion, and recognize the importance of discipline, respect, and community involvement.

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Drowning remains the #1 cause of accidental death in children ages 1 to 4 years old and the #2 cause of accidental death in children ages 1 to 14 years old. It is estimated that 4 near drowning incidences occur for each drowning tragedy. Very often, these near drowning survivors sustain severe neurological damage and require a lifetime of personalized care.  Arizona and Florida experience TWICE the drowning rate of the national average.

The GOOD NEWS – most drowning tragedies can be prevented. As a parent, you can take steps to minimize this risk in and around your own home.

A few quick and simple tips:

  1. NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILD ALONE around water or in proximity to a bathtub, toilet, pool, lake, or other body of water or liquid and NEVER take your eyes off them, not even for a moment.
  2. Every adult in the household should LEARN CPR for children and adults.
  3. Every member of the household should understand basic water safety rules, take swim lessons, and KNOW HOW TO SWIM.
  4. Establish a HOUSEHOLD EMERGENCY PLAN in the event of a life threatening water emergency and practice it regularly. When developing a plan, include the location of safety equipment and a phone.

    For additional water safety education and drowning prevention tips, swim lessons, or information on how to schedule POPPKiDZ to come to your school or organization, contact POPPKiDZ directly at (850) 775-1502.