Each POPPKiDZ team member is selected for character, expertise, personal commitment to the individual student, and dedication to an outstanding client experience. When interacting with a POPPKiDZ team member, you will experience mutual respect, compassion, an earnestness to understand your goals, and tenacity to achieve them.

Safety is our first priority! In certain situations, safety concerns may override all other priorities and may involve weather, scheduling, or other unforeseen circumstances. POPPKiDZ team members are knowledgeable of safety protocols and emergency procedures at each location and decisions are based on what is in the best interest of our students and families. Cooperation is truly appreciated during these sensitive, often abrupt situations (like monsoons!)


Knowledgeable and friendly, the POPPKiDZ hospitality team is available to answer questions on deck, by phone, and by email. We are here for YOU! These team members are responsible for a smooth student enrollment process, financial transactions, on deck hospitality services, and all administrative functions. They are well trained in POPPKiDZ operations and policies and are the client’s first point of contact for any and all questions.


Professionals in their field, each POPPKiDZ swim instructor recognizes the importance of teaching to each individual student, even in group classes. Years of experience provide a rich resource of methods, language, and maturity that each instructor is able to contribute and compliment the POPPKiDZ curriculum to maximize the potential of each student. Each instructor LOVES teaching children and enjoys creating an environment of trust through positive encouragement, enthusiasm, and honesty while having a great time in the water! All members of the POPPKiDZ aquatics team hold a current certification in Lifeguard Training or an equivalent in addition to extensive experience and training.


With proven success in swimmer development, POPPKiDZ coaches are seasoned, accomplished coaches who enjoy the opportunity to work with students individually to break down and refine strokes, provide immediate correction to improve skills, design endurance and training strategies, develop long term goals, and celebrate personal accomplishments. Stroke refinement, competitive performance, athlete conditioning, and strategic goal setting are attributes each of the POPPKiDZ coaches have demonstrated at the local, state, and national level. Typically, POPPKiDZ swim coaches provide instruction for our most advanced students, competitive adults, and athletes.


Our unique POPPKiDZ CHEER program is led by cheerleading professional, Timmery Lee!  Providing after school programming, school break camps, summer clinics, high training camps, and private coaching, there is a program for everyone!  All skill levels are welcome!  POPPKiDZ CHEER programs are year round and incorporate cheers, jumps, stunts, tumbling, dance, and performances into each group.  Recreational programs are available beginning January 2018!  Auditions for traveling performance and competitive teams begin August 2018!


Under the leadership of the POPPKiDZ Director of Tennis, our talented team of coaches are building our tennis program from the ground up! Each coach offers an extensive background in tennis instruction for children and adults as a recreational sport and competitively at local, state, and national levels. A thorough knowledge of the game and a commitment to provide an enthusiastic, engaging experience for each student is evident with each coach as they lead their students through the steps necessary to understand, appreciate, and enjoy tennis for a lifetime.


April through October, Saturday evenings come alive at POPPKiDZ with activity!  Join us for an extensive selection of special events throughout this time including Kids Night Out programs, Family Block Parties, Movies, Teen events, and so much more!  If you are searching for a FUN way to spend your Saturday, this is it!  Contact a member of the POPPKiDZ Hospitality team for a complete schedule of Starlight Saturdays 2018!


POPPKiDZ camp leadership is dedicated to a positive, high energy experience for each camper. Captains execute and manage the programs with exceptional organization and communication skills while facilitating the needs of the counselors and participants. Whether it’s swimming, tennis, games, or other activities, each counselor is an experienced professional in their field committed to providing a safe and FUN experience for each camper.


Each year, a small group of interns ages 14-16 years of age are selected to join the POPPKiDZ team to learn skills in swim instruction, coaching, child development, and supporting skills required in the aquatic industry.  Each intern is selected for their character, qualifications, and desire to pursue employment in an aquatic field.  Carefully supervised, each intern has the opportunity to earn volunteer hours, a letter of recommendation, and bonuses.  Successful interns can be confident in their preparation and readiness for formal training as a swim instructor, lifeguard, or swim coach.