POPPKiDZ provides a comprehensive, progressive collection of Aquatic classes, workshops, and training for students of any age. A variety of life-saving skills are included in every level of programming from the novice swimmer to the competitive athlete. Each class is designed to educate the student in FUN, developmentally appropriate ways while nurturing their thirst for learning and love of the water!

POPPKiDZ students enjoy very small class sizes, professional instructors, experienced coaches, well-maintained facilities, and NO additional registration or equipment fees. To learn more about the exceptionally qualified POPPKiDZ team, see the ‘about us’ tab or simply talk with a team member. To be the first to know about new programs, events, and announcements, visit the website often and follow POPPKiDZ on Facebook!


See detailed descriptions below for the following programs:

Water Safety Education Workshops

Swim Lessons

Technique Camps – Starts, Turns, and Strokes

Swim Team Prep Clinics for swimmers and parents

Summer Swim Team

ClubSwim – NEW in 2018!

SwimFit – NEW in 2018!

Competitive Aquatic Training

ENROLLMENT: POPPKiDZ offers on-going, open enrollment and customized scheduling for most programs. Schedules and class times are continually revised to reflect programming demands. Families with multiple children, playgroups, or specific class time requirements are encouraged to enroll early for the best selection of scheduling options. For current availability, class times, and pricing, email POPPKiDZ at or speak with a member of the POPPKiDZ Hospitality Team at (520) 989-9589 TODAY!



For families with children ages 0-23 months, POPPKiDZ offers FREE water safety education workshops to introduce infants and toddlers to the water, discuss general water safety, talk about the importance of a household emergency action plan, and YES, everyone gets in the water for hands on training in basic survival skills! These unique weekend workshops are designed to provide valuable information on water safety in and around the house, residential pools, and commercial aquatic facilities. The in-water time provides an opportunity for parents to learn how to properly introduce and reinforce basic life-saving skills to their children in the comfort of their own home.

There is NO FEE for this workshop with a completed registration at least 2 days prior to the workshop and check in confirmation begins 15 prior to each workshop. All caregivers are encouraged to attend, including older siblings. Following the 45 minute program, qualified POPPKiDZ team members are available to answer questions, review material, and re-iterate the importance of water safety education, becoming CPR certified, and learning to swim at every age.

If you are a member of a playgroup, mom’s organization, or other parent organization, contact us directly to schedule a private water safety workshop for you and your friends!  There is a 6 student minimum for private workshops.

*Other requirements and tips
  • Each child that is not completely potty trained is required to wear a swim diaper at all times at all POPPKiDZ facilities.
  • Sunscreen should be applied at home prior to your departure for class and again if spending an extended amount of time outside.
  • Protective sun wear is highly recommended including protective sun shirts or rash guards with an SPF of at least 50, wide brimmed hats, and sunglasses with UV protection while on site.

We care about YOU!  Sun safety recommendations apply to students, parents, caregivers, and siblings too!

2018 Workshop Schedule coming SOON!



Whether a novice, intermediate, advanced swimmer, or an adult, learn to swim classes incorporate safety skills into each class. Private lessons are available and group classes are limited to 3 students based on age and skill level. All swim lessons are offered THREE TIMES PER WEEK for maximum progress and retention and customized schedules are always available.

POPPKiDZ’s very small classes allow each student to enjoy personalized instruction in an environment that stimulates peer learning and teamwork as they celebrate each other’s accomplishments. The curriculum includes developmentally appropriate, progressive water safety skills, survival strategies, and foundational techniques crucial to becoming a smart, independent swimmer. Real life scenarios are practiced and FUN games and activities are incorporated to keep the students engaged, learning, and HAPPY to come to class! Private lessons are also available.

For advanced students, curriculum includes stroke technique, pre-swim team skills and vocabulary, and jr. lifeguarding skills. Stroke refinement, starts, and turns are introduced and developed for students wishing to advance to a recreational or competitive swim team program. See also, clinic descriptions.

YES, we offer adult lessons! All adult lessons are private and provide a customized curriculum based on your goals. All schedules are customized and require a minimum purchase of 4 lessons.

ABSENCES:  POPPKiDZ continues to adhere to a firm no make-up policy to ensure consistency and minimize disruptions in your student’s class. However; if you have pre-planned vacations or absences, we are happy to offer a partial credit voucher for missed classes when discussed at the time of registration.  Exceptional circumstances are evaluated on an individual basis.

CHOOSING A CLASS: To ensure your student is placed in the most appropriate class, the knowledgeable POPPKiDZ hospitality team will guide you through a short series of questions to determine the best class for your student prior to your start date. Once your student has begun, the experienced POPPKiDZ instructional team is dedicated to teaching to their individual needs, even in a group class; however, if adjustments need to be made for safety reasons, they are done so quickly and discretely.  To contact the hospitality team for information and to register, call (520) 989-9589.

SPLASH! 2018 – to be announced

2018 Swim Lesson Schedule

POPPKiDZ, 2045 W Omar Drive offers open enrollment for morning, afternoon, and evening classes Monday-Saturday, small group lessons, private lessons, competitive aquatic training, and lap swimming.  Customized schedules are available April – October 2018!

*A limited number of Saturday only classes are available, restrictions apply

2018 SPRING BLOCK – dates coming soon!

2018 SUMMER BLOCK – dates coming soon!

2018 FALL BLOCK – dates coming soon!


POPPKiDZ WEST, 5245 N Camino de Oeste offers open enrollment for afternoon and evening classes three times a week for small group lessons, private lessons, and competitive aquatic training.  Customized schedules are available.

2018 BLOCK – watch for an extended schedule coming soon!


TECHNIQUE CLINICS – Starts, Turns, and Strokes

POPPKiDZ in cooperation with the leadership and professional coaches of FORD Aquatics offer cutting edge methods and proven techniques to the Tucson community.  Specialized start, turn, and stroke instruction incorporated in a ‘swim team’ style workout provides an opportunity for students of any skill level to sharpen their technique in each of the competitive strokes and events: butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, and the IM.  In addition, one clinic is dedicated to turns and starts!

Minimum skill requirements
  • The ability to swim 50 yards demonstrating a basic knowledge of freestyle utilizing a continuous stroke pattern and strong breath recovery.  A basic knowledge of all 4 competitive strokes.
  • Swimmers should arrive 10 minutes prior to start time prepared for practice with a personally labeled water bottle, goggles, and swim cap if hair falls below the shoulders.

2018 Technique Clinics – dates to be announced!



SWIM TEAM PREP CLINIC for swimmers and their parents

This unique 90 minute clinic is designed for families and swimmers interested in recreational or competitive swim teams. For parents, this clinic offers honest information on local resources for equipment and coaching, how to find the right team for your family, the differences in leagues and seasons, and the expectations and impact on your time and finances that are often overlooked. Bring your questions!

Each swimmer will work with professional swim team coaches during their individual skill evaluation relative to the minimum requirements of most swim teams.  More advanced swimmers will receive evaluations and recommendations relevant to their skills and goals.   Once evaluations are completed, swimmers are introduced to starts and turns, how to read a pace clock, circle swimming etiquette, common team vocabulary and language, and other required swim team skills.

This clinic is NOT affiliated with any specific team, all interested swimmers and their families are WELCOME!

2018 Swim Team Prep Clinic Schedule

Dates to be announced!



POPPKiDZ is pleased to introduce our very own summer swim team!  The POPPKiDZ swim team is appropriate for swimmers of all skill levels ages 5-18!  Each registration date will include a comprehensive evaluation of current skills to place each swimmer in their developmentally appropriate practice group and secure their practice schedule.  Coaches and POPPKiDZ team members will be available to answer questions and make recommendations for each swimmer.  Attendance at a registration day is not a commitment to join the team – it is the perfect time to ask questions, receive a skill assessment, and find out what makes the POPPKiDZ team different!  However; if you do choose to register on that day, there are a few things you can do to be prepared:

  • a COPY of your swimmers BIRTH CERTIFICATE for team records is required at registration or before the 1st day of practice
  • there are a variety of practice schedules to choose from, bringing your family calendar/schedule can be helpful
  • sample swim suits will be provided at each registration day and each swimmer will be fitted for a swim suit
  • completing registration may require 20 minutes for a returning swim team athlete and up an hour for a new swimmer, an evaluation is required for all swimmers
  • payments are accepted by cash, check, or any major credit card


2018 Swim Team Registration Dates

Swim Team Practices begin Monday April 2, and will continue through Championships in July.

Registration dates coming soon!

**if you need an alternate time for your swimmers evaluation and/or registration, please contact the POPPKiDZ hospitality team at (520) 989-9589 to schedule an appointment**



A swim team inspired workout, ClubSwim provides an opportunity for swimmers to enjoy the benefits of swimming without the pressure of competition!  Workouts offer light to strenuous conditioning sets, endurance training, and exceptional coaching customized to the specific needs and goals of the athlete.



The newest in our family of aquatic programming, SwimFit offers a unique opportunity for adult swimmers to enjoy aquatic workouts, lap swimming, walking, or simple range of motion exercises at their own pace.  Coaching and aquatic workouts are provided by request for those who desire that extra nudge of accountability and encouragement!



For the most advanced student athletes and competitive adult students.  Streamline your technique, find your fastest rhythm, and learn how to keep your head in the game.  Curriculum may include stroke refinement, strategies to maximize competitive performance, athlete conditioning, and other prescribed methods.  All classes are private workouts customized to meet your individual goals through discipline and commitment.  Coaches are selected from the most experienced professional POPPKiDZ coaches and training schedules can be customized.  Call POPPKiDZ to develop your personalized training schedule. A minimum purchase of 4 workouts is required.